#29 Complete!

Well, I’m 54 days into my 29th year and I have completed my first project off my list! (see my list here) #29 Redo my Gma’s bike and USE, is complete! The “using it” part is still in progress but check out my before and after pics below!


It’s all in the details. My super sweet mirror and bell.


She need a little more personality so I purchased some white vinyl that I cut into triangles to add some flair.


Before and After-OMG right!?! I know! I love it. I almost don’t want to ride her and just mount her to my wall in my living room instead.


Since I will be actually riding her I bought a giant back basket to replace the old handlebar basket. This way I can tote my laptop to work and even pick up groceries on my way home (I know it’s a bit of a stretch).


I had to remove the original faded decals before I painted, but I was able to find someone online who made new reproductions. I purchased new decals for the front and also the chain guard.


So there she is! I’m so excited to hit the rode with her!


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