#23 Throw more dinner party with themes

Recently the hubs and I invited the crew over for an impromptu “Booze, BBQ and Mustache Party”. Why Mustaches? Well for some strange reason we had two packages of unused mustaches laying around…  Yep, that’s why. 🙂

To get ready for the party I added some quick splashes of color to our deck area with a few empty beer bottles, a little string, a can of spray paint, and some flowers.  I promise it looks way cuter than it sounds!

kylonMake sure to clean those beer bottles (or soda..your choice) well, and get all the sticky parts of the label off. Letting them soak in water for a bit helps, then hit it with some goo gone. Next, pick your paint. I choose a bright orange and a lime green spray paint. Give each bottle a few coats. If you want a more translucent look one coat might be enough.  Once they are dry, tie your ribbon or jute around the neck of the bottle.

bottlesAll that’s left to do after that is to hang them around your space and fill with flowers (water is a good idea too).  I used the last rung of our pergola to create a privacy screen of bottles, but you could hang them from trees in your yard or anywhere that needs some color.

deck1summermashupI couldn’t leave out the mustache pics.  PS. if you’re thinking about throwing your own mustache party, I would advise to do it indoors in the AC or during cooler weather.  Sweat and sticky mustaches to not mix well…. yep….. ewww…

Happy party planning!