Hi Blog. I’ve missed you.

Well I’ve been a little MIA. This is always what happens with my blogs. About two months in I seem to no longer make posting my priority. Well, I’m not throwing in the towel yet. According to #1 the my list, I’m suppose to become a “real” blogger. Which I think requires me to keep posting.

That being said life its quite busy right now, but I promise to make time to get back to the list and write some posts with real information (I can’t promise you interesting). In the meantime you may just have to read a few rambling, thinking out loud, type posts like this one. 🙂

Much love and appreciation for your patience,
Myrtle Marie


#13 Record a Christmas Album

Christmas in July


You know how everyone who’s anyone has a Christmas album?? Yeah well, it’s about time I get to working on mine. #13 on my list “Record a Christmas Album.” Since my musical skills are basically still at an elementary level I have called upon my sister to join in on the fun (and also make it sound a heck of a lot better). Right now were just making up lists of our favorite Christmas songs and working out the details. I need some help though. What are some of your favorites? What artists/actors Christmas albums make your top ten list?

elf2P.S. I freaking love ELF

#23 Throw more dinner party with themes

Recently the hubs and I invited the crew over for an impromptu “Booze, BBQ and Mustache Party”. Why Mustaches? Well for some strange reason we had two packages of unused mustaches laying around…  Yep, that’s why. 🙂

To get ready for the party I added some quick splashes of color to our deck area with a few empty beer bottles, a little string, a can of spray paint, and some flowers.  I promise it looks way cuter than it sounds!

kylonMake sure to clean those beer bottles (or soda..your choice) well, and get all the sticky parts of the label off. Letting them soak in water for a bit helps, then hit it with some goo gone. Next, pick your paint. I choose a bright orange and a lime green spray paint. Give each bottle a few coats. If you want a more translucent look one coat might be enough.  Once they are dry, tie your ribbon or jute around the neck of the bottle.

bottlesAll that’s left to do after that is to hang them around your space and fill with flowers (water is a good idea too).  I used the last rung of our pergola to create a privacy screen of bottles, but you could hang them from trees in your yard or anywhere that needs some color.

deck1summermashupI couldn’t leave out the mustache pics.  PS. if you’re thinking about throwing your own mustache party, I would advise to do it indoors in the AC or during cooler weather.  Sweat and sticky mustaches to not mix well…. yep….. ewww…

Happy party planning!

The Selfie Challenge

In my last post I shared some of my favorite blogs with you and one of them was A Beautiful Mess. This week they started a 30 day self Portrait Challenge to learn more about self photography, posing, lighting, and just being comfortable in front of the camera. So I’m in! Are you?? Here’s my first selfie ( ps… I can’t hate that term, but feel the need to use it at the same time. So when you read this just imagine that ridiculous valley girl tone of “OMG we’re taking SELFIES!!) selfie1

Ahhhh! It’s a little weird to see your own face so large on the internet. (and only iphone quality..need to work on that) That’s the biggest part for me though, be comfortable in front of the camera. This also sort of satisfied part of my #20 on my to do list, “Take more pictures with people in them”.  This counts right?? Anyways I hope you join in as well. The best part is if you let the girls at A Beautiful Mess that you’re joining in and where to see your pics you will be entered to win a signed copy of their new book! Have a great day and selfie shoot away!

A few of my favorite Blogs

Do you ever find a blog that you love soo much! You feel like you have just uncovered a hidden gem. Then… out of nowhere…. its EVERYWHERE… people talking about it on instagram, pinning their pics, etc.  WTH?!? That was MY blog… how the heck do they know about it. Is it weird that I’m so possessive??!? Get over it… they have like 28k followers..  Yep…these are the thoughts inside my head.

So to get over my irrational possiveness of my blog loves… I’m sharing them. Here are a few of my current favs in random order.

1. http://www.vintagerevivals.com/  Mandy shares ideas on home decor , blogging, her adorable family and she has killer style. This girl follows her instincts and I “love her guts”.  <—if you read her blog you’ll get that 🙂

This is the first post I read of Mandy’s and I fell in love with her creativity.

2. http://www.abeautifulmess.com/  Emma and Elsie are the retro cool that I wish I could be. They are so stinking adorable. They cover everything from recipes to retro inspired home decor and style. These ladies are also very inspiring for their drive as entrepreneurs.  They own a retail store, are writing a book, created an instagram app, and offer e-courses. They are Ahhh-mazing.

3. http://jseverydayfashion.com/ #28 on my list is to “wear jeans less.” If I’m being honest with myself it’s less about jeans and more about finding my real style.  I find a lot of inspiration on J’s blog. She makes styling an outfit look so easy and always has links to affordable options. I love how she will take a high fashion trend and show how to use it in an everyday look. She is also great about reusing pieces in different ways to get the best bang for your buck.

4. A new blog to me is http://www.thegraciouspantry.com/ Recently I’ve been aiming for #11 on my list (eat better and be more active).  The recipes on this blog are amazing and it’s all about clean eating. Just today I made her Banana Pecan Ice Cream Pie.  It was amazing and so easy to do!


Mine is on the right – not near as pretty but still tasty!  That is all for now. I have so many blogs I read sporadically, but these I’m pretty loyal too.

#29 Complete!

Well, I’m 54 days into my 29th year and I have completed my first project off my list! (see my list here) #29 Redo my Gma’s bike and USE, is complete! The “using it” part is still in progress but check out my before and after pics below!


It’s all in the details. My super sweet mirror and bell.


She need a little more personality so I purchased some white vinyl that I cut into triangles to add some flair.


Before and After-OMG right!?! I know! I love it. I almost don’t want to ride her and just mount her to my wall in my living room instead.


Since I will be actually riding her I bought a giant back basket to replace the old handlebar basket. This way I can tote my laptop to work and even pick up groceries on my way home (I know it’s a bit of a stretch).


I had to remove the original faded decals before I painted, but I was able to find someone online who made new reproductions. I purchased new decals for the front and also the chain guard.


So there she is! I’m so excited to hit the rode with her!